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QYJ series pneumatic presses
This is a small size pressure device powered by compressed air, utilizing cylinder as actuator. It is mounted with F.R.L combination, reversal valve (air operated or solenoid operated), cylinder (adjustable stroke or fix stroke), silencer, and can use simple button, double interlock button, foot pedal, electric delay control operator to control actuator. At last finishs press process.


廣東省肇慶方大氣動有限公司  版權所有 ICP備案號:粵ICP備07002753號
地址:中國廣東省肇慶市端州一路  郵箱:[email protected]  三維地圖  
Add:Duanzhou 1 Road,Zhoqing City,Guangdong China  郵編(PC):526060
電話(TEL):86-0758-2700399傳真(FAX):86-0758-2700355  設計維護:豐碩網絡
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